Let's Work Together

You’re a green beauty brand that’s doing well (thanks to your amazing products!) but you want to put your foot on the gas pedal and get things moving. I see you, and I’m so excited to help make this happen.

As your business grows, so does your to do list. The last thing you want to do is spend time writing content, creating a marketing plan, or trying to reach a bigger audience.

As a leader, you’ve realized it’s time to hire someone to give you a hand. Perhaps someone who knows the green beauty industry inside and out, who adores creating written and visual content to showcase green beauty products, and someone who is so excited to help you get your brand the exposure it deserves.


Yes, I'm Talking About Me!

Hi, I’m Sarah, a green beauty and self care writer. I want to use my passion for green beauty, along with my creative skills and insider knowledge to help you get the exposure you deserve. 


Does This Sound Familiar?


"I just need more exposure"

"How can I share my brand with my target niche?"

"How can I convince people that my products work?" 


I see you and I'm here to help.  

What if You Could...


Give your brand the exposure it deserves

Share your products with a community that deeply cares about green beauty, wellness, and self care

Make a lasting impact with descriptive words and eye catching visuals

Authentically connect with your customers to build a community around your brand

Do all of this without adding more to your to do list

It sounds amazing, right? 


"Sarah is a true dream to work alongside! She is incredibly organized, thorough, and honest. She puts so much effort and time into all of her projects and it really shows in the finished product. Her reviews are always carefully constructed, knowledgeable and thorough. She's definitely an asset to a small business and the green beauty world in general!"

- Natalie Classen, Founder of Urban Alchemist 



I love what I do. I'm able to curate content that meets my reader's needs while sharing my passion for holistic and simple self care. I want you to be a part of that.


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  • 500-750 word Blog Post featuring your product(s)
  • 2 highly shareable photographs featuring your product(s)
  • 5 Posts on Twitter
  • 2 Posts on Instagram
  • 2 Posts on Facebook
  • 2 Posts on Pintrest 

Starting at $50 CAD

Product Review



  • 300-500 word Blog Post featuring your product(s)
  • 1 highly shareable     photograph featuring your product(s)
  • 3 Posts on Twitter
  • 1 Post on Instagram
  • 1 Post on Facebook
  • 1 Post on Pintrest 

Starting at $25 CAD

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