Why Naps Can Help You Reduce Stress + Look Your Best

At the beginning of the month I shared a post entitled 5 Ways to Stress Less. April is Stress Awareness Month and I want to help you find ways to reduce your stress and find more enjoyment. 

Just after my post was published, the team at Casper sent me some information around Stress Awareness Month. They are a sleep start up that's created the perfect mattressWhile I haven't had the chance to try their mattress, I admire their dedication to sleep. I love their simple and informative approach, and as someone who really needs their sleep, I appreciate how much they've put into designing their products. 

They've asked me to share a simple infographic with you on napping, along with some of my tips for getting naps and why they're so important. 

Why Naps Can Help You Reduce Stress + Look Your Best

Why Should I Nap? 

I think the lovely infographic is pretty straightforward, but let me give you my favourite reasons to nap.

First and foremost, who doesn't love sleep? Taking a quick nap gives your mind and body a chance to relax, to recharge, and to regroup.

It also gives you a chance to take some time for you. It's a way to practice self care and to put yourself first. 

The benefits of napping are kind of endless. I love napping in the afternoon between classes and evening yoga. It gives my brain time to rest from the busy day, and I always feel so much more relaxed and recharged instead of drained and tired. 

What Are Your Nap Tips?

  1. Set up a cozy environment. I nap in bed with the fan on and shades closed. 
  2. Don't schedule it. I find if I schedule a nap, it's almost like a chore, instead of something that's nice and relaxing. My best naps are taken on whims when I listen to my body. 
  3. Let your body rest for a short amount of time. Like the infographic says, napping for longer than an hour is going to leave you more groggy than ever. 
  4. Drinking a protein shake or eating some peanut butter before always helps me sleep better, and it's going to help repair your muscles! 
  5. When you wake up, drink a refreshing glass of lemon water. It'll help you hydrate and give your body a little refreshing boost. 

I hope these tips can help you squeeze in a nap or two so you can stress less and look your best! 

What are your favourite napping tips? 

Until next time, 


*This post was inspired and initiated by Casper's dedication to sleep, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. The infographic was provided by Casper. For more information, see my Disclaimer.