Let's Work Together

Hey you! I'm so happy you're here!

Your business just reached a new level of growth right? You're doing really well, and you've got new goals you want to achieve. But as your business grows, so does that to-do list. You want to formulate new products and services, stay up to date on social media, and manage your business. The last thing you want to do is plan another editorial calendar or write a new blog post.

So why have a blog if you don’t have the time? A blog is an evergreen resource for your customers. While you can do your best to communicate and engage on social media, a blog can go so much deeper.

When your customers visit your website, they're bound to have questions, concerns, and they may need a little convincing before they buy from you. That's where your blog can help.

When your blog is strategically planned with content that's unique to your business and fine tuned for your goals, it becomes a valuable resource that your customers can always go to to learn something new, and become enthusiastic, engaged members of your community.

And while your blog is meant to be an educational resource, it can (and should) include your why. Your customers want to get to know you, your business, and what sets you apart. They want to connect with you, and a blog is the best place to foster that connection!

Now, wouldn't it be great if you could invest in content that's been well researched, written with SEO in mind, and totally unique to your business? You'll need someone who knows your industry, who obsesses over the little details, and who is passionate about helping you succeed. Yes, I’m talking about me!

Yes, I'm Talking About Me!

Hi, I’m Sarah!

I’m a twenty something Torontonian who deeply cares about supporting small businesses in the green beauty and wellness industries. I want to help you succeed so you can accomplish your goals and do amazing things. (Learn more about me here!)

I want to help you succeed by creating thoughtful editorial calendars filled with informative, community building blog posts that engage your customers and get them excited about you and your brand.

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"It’s been such a pleasure working with Sarah. Her attention to detail, consistent initiative and creative ideas are what make working with her such a pleasant experience. She can take the most rudimentary idea, expand on and run with it. I wouldn’t hesitate to engage her services again."

- Mia Mevissen, Founder of Sattva Pure

A few things you can expect from working with me...


Passionate, personable blog posts that dive right into the good stuff

An organized, timely work flow that keeps things moving smoothly

Transparent communication so we can stay up to date and on the same page

I Can't Wait to Work Together!

Coming Soon: I'm creating packages to make things super simple for you! In the mean time you can send me an email and we can talk about creating a custom package for you!

"Sarah is a true dream to work alongside! She is incredibly organized, thorough, and honest. She puts so much effort and time into all of her projects and it really shows in the finished product. Her reviews are always carefully constructed, knowledgeable and thorough. She's definitely an asset to a small business and the green beauty world in general!"

- Natalie Classen, Founder of Urban Alchemist 


  • Why Do I Need a Blog?

While your social media accounts can help spread your message, the algorithms are always changing, and you never really know if you’re making an impact. But by creating evergreen, informative blog content, you can educate your customers and connect with them on a whole new level. A blog can create excited customers who are eager to buy what you’re offering because they know what you’re about, they trust you, and they feel a genuine connection. Let’s talk about how we can make your goals happen with valuable, custom blog posts.

  • Do You Offer Custom Packages?

While an investment into content creation depends on a few factors, like if this is a one time partnership or an ongoing relationship, I’m happy to work within your marketing budget. Let’s talk about your business needs and how we can create a custom package for you.

  • How Much of My Time Will This Take as a Business Owner?

Here’s the thing; it can take as little time as you want. I love starting with a 30 minute call so we can really dive deep and discover what you want from this collaboration. But after that, it’s up to you. We can collaborate on content together, or I can take the reins and run your blog so you can focus on running your business. I’m passionate about working within your needs, so let’s talk more!