About Me

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Looking for an insightful, advice filled blog posts on all things green beauty!

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You’re a small business owner looking for a knowledgeable, passionate creative to help you with your blog!

Hi there, I’m Sarah!


I help small businesses build community through written content that seeks to educate and engage. I work with passionate, hard working, and collaborative women who know the value of well written content and how it can help their business thrive.

I’m just as excited about sharing my love and knowledge of green beauty through my weekly blog posts, colourful Instagram posts, and monthly newsletter, The Green Beauty Monthly.

No matter what you’re here for, I’m so excited to be able to support you and give you the tools you need to grow!

On a More Personal Note...


I'm so obsessed with kombucha that I brew my own!

Reading a mystery book in a hot bath is my favourite self care practice.

I'm working on living a zero waste life. Not totally there yet, but I'm so close!

I want a dog more than anything, but small apartment living in Toronto has put that dream on hold (for now). 

I've been lifting weights since I was 14 years old and it's an important part of my health care practice!

I love working with women with like-minded goals and values!

Some of the values closest to my heart are:




Genuine Communication




Why I Do What I Do...


To bring my love of writing and green beauty together.

To help small businesses in the green beauty space grow and thrive so they can meet their goals and do amazing things.

To (one day) give a percentage of my income to human rights and environmental organizations.


Does it sound like we would be a good fit? 

Let's find out how we can work together!